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College Environmental Influences on Learning and Cognitive Development Ernest T. Pascarella, University of Chicago
Learning Theory and Research Cameron Fincher, University of Georgia
Methods and Theories of Instruction Michael T. McCord, University of Georgia
The Concept of Strategy: From Business to Higher Education Ellen E. Chaffee, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
Administrative Computing in Higher Education Andrew T. Masland, Digital Equipment Corp.
Legal Parameters of the Faculty Employment Relationship Barbara A. Lee, Rutgers University and Steven G. Olswang, University of Washington
Publication, Performance, and Reward in Science and Scholarship Mary Frank Fox, University of Michigan
Program Quality in Higher Education Clifton F. Conrad, University of Arizona, and Robert T. Blackburn, University of Michigan
The Quest for Excellence: Underlying Policy Issues Anthony W. Morgan, University of Utah, and Brad L. Mitchell, Ohio State University
Historical Research on Admissions and Access in Higher Education John R. Thelin, College of William and Mary
Applications of Causal Models in Higher Education Lee M. Wolfle, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Toward a New Partnership for Financing a College Education Michael L. Tierney, University of Pennsylvania
International Students in Comparative Perspective Y.G.-M. Lulat and Philip G. Altbach, SUNY at Buffalo
Author and Subject Indexes
1985: 528 pages, ISBN 0-87586-065-6

Transformational Leadership in Colleges and Universities Kim S. Cameron and David O. Ulrich, University of Michigan
Managing Decline In American Higher Education Raymond F. Zammuto, University of Colorado at Denver
The Importance of Being General: Philosophy, Politics, and Institutional Mission Statements Gordon K. Davies, State Council of Higher Education for Virginia
Postscript to "The Importance of Being General": Rethinking Organizational Behavior and Public Policy John R. Thelin, College of William and Mary
Affirmative-Action Employment Discrimination Monique W. Clague, University of Maryland
Evaluation Research and Educational Decision-Making Jonathan Z. Shapiro, Louisiana State University
Rates of Return to Higher Education: An Intensive Examination Larry L. Leslie, University of Arizona and Paul T. Brinkman, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
Research on Academic Programs: An Inquiry into an Emerging Field Clifton F. Conrad, University of Arizona and Anne M. Pratt, College of William and Mary
Trends and Issues in Curricular Development Cameron Fincher, University of Georgia
Social Control in the Academic Profession John M. Braxton, Loyola University of Chicago
Theories of Student Departure Revisited Vincent Tinto, Syracuse University
Emerging Perspectives on Continuing Professional Education Wayne D. Smutz, Mary Beth Crowe, and Carl A. Lindsay, Pennsylvania State University
Author and Subject Indexes
1986: 462 pages, ISBN 0-87586-078-8

Qualitative Research Methods in Higher Education Robert L. Crowson, University of Illinois at Chicago
Bricks and Mortar: Architecture and the Study of Higher Education John R. Thelin and James Yankovich, College of William and Mary
Enrollment Demands and Their Policy Uses in Institutional Decision Making William C. Weiler, University of Minnesota
State Regulation and Campus Autonomy J. Fredericks Volkvein, SUNY at Albany
Administrative Leadership in Higher Education Cameron Fincher, University of Georgia
Department Reviews for Product Improvement in Higher Education Everett K. Wilson, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Diversity in University Governance: Attitudes, Structure, and Satisfaction David A. Whetten and Kenneth Bettenhausen, University of Illinois
The Influence of College on Moral Development Larry Nucci and Ernest T. Pascarella, University of Illinois at Chicago
An Analysis of Student Academic Rights D. Parker Young and Martha C. Braswell, University of Georgia
The Expansion of Higher Education Enrollments in Agrarian and Developing Areas of the Third World William Edgar Maxwell, University of Southern California
The Organization and Provision of Continuing Professional Education: A Critical Review and Synthesis Ronald M. Cevero and William H. Young, Northern Illinois University
Author and Subject Indexes
1987: 462 pages, ISBN 0-87586-080-X

The College Environment Revisited: A Review of Research and Theory Leonard L. Baird, University of Kentucky
Outcomes, Assessment, and Academic Improvement: In Search of Usable Knowledge Peter T. Ewell, National Center for Higher Education Management Systems
Higher Education and Work in Europe Ulrich Teichler, Gesamthochschule Kassel, FRG, and Northwestern University
Fiction to Fact: College Novels and the Study of Higher Education John R. Thelin, College of William and Mary and Barbara K. Townsend, Loyola University of Chicago
Economic Issues in Strategic Planning and Management in Higher Education James C. Hearn, University of Minnesota
Faculty Vitality: Contexts, Concerns and Prospects Shirley M. Clark and Darrell R. Lewis, University of Minnesota
Faculty Participation in Strategic Policy Making David D. Dill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and Karen Peterson Helm, North Carolina State University
The Conceptual Foundations of Organizational Culture Kim S. Cameron and Deborah R. Ettington, University of Michigan
Graduate Education as an Area of Research Gary D. Malaney, University of Massachusetts at Amherst
Author and Subject Indexes
1988: 482 pages, ISBN 0-87586-086-9

Strategy and Effectiveness in Systems of Higher Education Ellen Earl Chaffee, North Dakota State Board of Higher Education
Responsibility Without Authority: The Impossible Job of the College President Robert Birnbaum, National Center for Postsecondary Governance and Finance
The Paradigm Revolution in the Academic Disciplines Yvonna S. Lincoln, Vanderbilt University
Effects of Academic Labor Markets on Academic Careers Ted I. K. Youn, Boston College
Faculty Evaluation and Faculty Development in Higher Education John A. Centra, Syracuse University
Higher Education's Odd Couple: Campus Archives and the Office of Institutional Research John R. Thelin, College of William and Mary and Marsha V. Krotseng, University of Hartford
Student Financial Aid and Institutional Behavior Michael McPherson, Williams College, Alan P. Wagner, OECD (Paris), and Nancy Willie-Schiff, New York State Department of Education
Understanding Student College Choice Don Hossler, Indiana University, and Jon Braxton and Georgia Coopersmith, Syracuse University
Undergraduate Socialization John C. Weidman, University of Pittsburgh
Log-Linear Applications in Higher Education Research Dennis Hinkle and Gerald McLaughlin, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University and James T. Austin, University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana)
Environmental Analysis/Forecasting in Academic Planning James L. Morrison, UNC at Chapel Hill and Thomas V. Mecca, Piedmont Technical College
Author and Subject Indexes
1989: 421 pages, ISBN 0-87586-093-1

A Paradigm for Research on Higher Education William F. Massy, Stanford University
Minority Student Access to, and Persistence and Performance in, College: A Review of the Trends and Research Literature Shirley Mow, Educational Testing Service and Michael Nettles, University of Tennessee
Master's Degree Programs in American Higher Education Clifton F. Conrad and David J. Eagan, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Doctoral Study in the Field of Higher Education Barbara K. Townsend, Loyola University of Chicago
The American College History: A Survey of Its Historiographic Schools and Analytic Approaches from the Mid-Nineteenth Century to the Present Lester F. Goodchild, University of Denver, and Irene Pancner Huk, University of Chicago
A Survey of Academic Advising as an Area of Inquiry Richard A. Voorhees, Black Hills State University
Thanks for the Memories: The Fusion of Quantitative and Qualitative Research in the Study of the College Student and the College Experience Roger G. Baldwin and John R. Thelin, The College of William and Mary
The Melancholy of Anatomy: The Personal and Professional Development of Graduate and Professional School Students Leonard L. Baird, University of Kentucky
Putting Power into University Governance Cynthia Hardy, McGill University
LISREL: An Introduction and Applications in Higher Education Research Frances K. Stage, Indiana University
An Analysis of State Formula Budgeting in Higher Education Martin M. Ahumada, University of Arizona
Author and Subject Indexes
1990: 536 pages, ISBN 0-87586-094-X

Perceived Control in College Students: Implications for Instruction in Higher Education Raymond P. Perry, University of Manitoba
The Changing Locus of Control Over Faculty Research: From Self-Regulation to Dispersed Influence Melissa S. Anderson and Karen Seashore Louis, University of Minnesota
The Federal Role in American Graduate Education Patricia J. Gumport, Stanford Institute for Higher Education Research
Effective Teaching Behaviors in the College Classroom Harry G. Murray, University of Western Ontario
Differential Progress of Women Faculty: Status 1980-1990 Mary M. Dwyer, Arlene A. Flynn, and Patricia S. Inman, University of Illinois at Chicago
Measuring, Understanding, and Doing Something About the Rise in Doctorate Completion Time Howard P. Tuckman, Memphis State University
Faculty Mobility in an Organizational Context Dolores L. Burke, Duke University
Instructional Interventions: A Review of the Literature on Efforts to Improve Instruction Maryellen Weimer and Lisa Firing Lenze, Penn State University
Professional Education: Stratifying Curricula and Perpetuating Privilege in Higher Education Gary Rhoades, University of Arizona
Leadership in Community Colleges: Looking Toward the Second Century Susan B. Twombly and Marilyn J. Amey, University of Kansas
Religious Higher Education in America: An Historiographic Survey F. Michael Perko, Loyola University of Chicago
Author and Subject Indexes
1991: 492 pages, ISBN 0-87586-097-4

Collegiality: Toward a Clarification of Meaning and Function James L. Bess, New York University
Quality by Design: Toward a Framework for Quality Management in Higher Education David D. Dill, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Beyond "the State": Interorganizational Relations and State Apparatuses in Post-Secondary Education Gary Rhoades, University of Arizona
Students' Evaluations of University Teaching: A Multidimensional Perspective Herbert W. Marsh, University of Western Sydney, Macarthur and Michael J. Dunkin, University of Sydney, Australia
Reputational Rankings of Colleges, Universities, and Individual Disciplines and Fields of Study, from Their Beginnings to the Present David S. Webster, Oklahoma State University
Using Alternative Paradigms: Four Case Studies John H. Milam, Jr., West Virginia University
Bibliometrics: A Method for the Study of the Literature of Higher Education John M. Budd, Louisiana State University
A Critique of Intensive Courses and an Agenda for Research Patricia A. Scott and Clifton F. Conrad, University of Wisconsin at Madison
Remediation in Higher Education Darrel A. Clowes, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
Author and Subject Indexes
1992: 532 pages, ISBN 0-87586-099-0

An Analysis of the Paradigmatic Evolution of U.S. Higher Education and Implications for the Year 2000 Hasan Simsek and Richard B. Heydinger, University of Minnesota
A Motivational Analysis of Academic Life in College Martin V. Covington, University of California, Berkeley
The Paradox of Growth in Federal Aid for College Students, 1965-1990 James C. Hearn, University of Georgia
Scientist and Engineer Supply and Demand Larry R. Leslie and Ronald L. Oaxaca, University of Arizona
Two-Year Colleges and Minority Students' Aspirations: Help or Hindrance? Amaury Nora, University of Illinois at Chicago
The Influence of College Residence Halls on Students Gregory S. Blimling, Appalachian State University
Postmodernism and Critical Theory in Higher Education: Implications for Research and Practice William G. Tierney and Robert A. Rhoads, The Pennsylvania State University
Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches to Academic Culture: Do They Tell Us the Same Thing? Marvin W. Peterson and Melinda G. Spencer, University of Michigan
Higher Education in China: Challenges of Making Foreign Knowledge Serve China Wenhui Zhong and Ruth Hayhoe, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
College and University Budgeting: What Do We Know? What Do We Need to Know? William F. Lasher and Deborah L. Greene, University of Texas at Austin
Author and Subject Indexes
1993: 508 pages, ISBN 0-87586-109-1

Student Learning at Metropolitan Universities George D. Kuh, Nick Vesper, and Lee E. Krehbiel, Indiana University-Bloomington
Applications of Generalizability Theory in Higher Education Assessment Research Gary R. Pike, University of Missouri-Columbia
Policy Models and Policy Instruments in Higher Education: The Effects of Governmental Policy-Making on the Innovative Behavior of Higher Education Institutions Frans A. van Vught, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Reframing Policy Research: A Critical Examination of Research on Federal Student Aid Programs Edward P. St. John and Richard J. Elliott, University of New Orleans
Educational Paradigms in the Professional Literature of the Community College John H. Frye, Triton College
Logistic Regression Analysis in Higher Education: An Applied Perspective Alberto F. Cabrera, SUNY-Albany
Integrating General Education, Wellness, and Athletics: A Conceptual, Historical, and Reform Agenda Lester F. Goodchild, Sheila M. Arredondo, and Robin B. Glaser, University of Denver
The Matrix Representation System: Orientation, Research, Theory and Application Kenneth A. Kiewra, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
New Faculty Socialization in the Academic Workplace Dana Dunn and Linda Rouse, The University of Texas, and Monica A. Seff, Bowling Green State University
Author and Subject Indexes
1994: 454 pages, ISBN 0-87586-111-3

Variation Among Academic Disciplines: Analytical Frameworks and Research John M. Braxton, Vanderbilt University, and Lowell L. Hargens, The Ohio State University
Public Policy and Public Trust: The Use and Misuse of Performance Indicators in Higher Education Brian P. Nedwek, St. Louis University
Integrated Qualitative and Quantitative Research: Epistemology, History, and Designs John W. Creswell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Lester F. Goodchild, University of Denver, and Paul P. Turner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Developments in State Funding for Higher Education Daniel T. Layzell, The University of Wisconsin System
Gender and Academic Publishing Kathryn B. Ward, Southern Illinois University, and Linda Grant, University of Georgia
The Dimensionality of Student Ratings of Instruction: What We Know and What We Do Not Philip C. Abrami, Sylvia d'Apollonia, and Steven Rosenfield, Concordia University
Organizational Effectiveness and Quality: The Second Generation Kim S. Cameron and David Whetten, Brigham Young University
Theory and Research in Administrative Leadership Cameron Fincher, University of Georgia
Governments, Governance, and Canadian Universities Glen A. Jones, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Doctoral Programs in American Higher Education Jennifer Grant Haworth, Loyola University Chicago
Author and Subject Indexes
1996: 464 pages, ISBN 0-87586-115-6

Technology Transfer from Universities Irwin Feller, Graduate School of Public Policy & Administration, The Pennsylvania State University
State Policy and Private Higher Education William Zumeta, Graduate School of Public Affairs, University of Washington
Appraising Tinto's Theory of College Student Departure John M. Braxton and Anna V.S. Sullivan, Vanderbilt University, and Robert M. Johnson, Jr., Belmont College
A Hierarchical Linear Modeling Approach to Studying College Effects Corinna A. Ethington, The University of Memphis
The Cost Effectiveness of American Higher Education Jeffery E. Olson, College of Education, St. John's University
A Secondary Analysis of Claims Regarding the Reflective Judgment Interview Philip K. Wood, University of Missouri
Student Learning and Cognitive Development in the Community College Richard A. Voorhees, Colorado Community College and Occupational Education System
What Discourages Research-Practitioners in Faculty Development Bob Boice, State University of New York at Stony Brook
McCarthyism and the Professoriate: A Historiographic Nightmare? Philo A. Hutcheson, Georgia State University
Author and Subject Indexes

1997: 498 pages, Paper: ISBN 0-87586-118-0, Cloth: ISBN 0-87586-119-9

Recollections and Reflections C. Robert Pace, Emeritus Professor of Higher Education, UCLA
Reflections on the Study of Effective College Teaching and Student Ratings: One Continuing Quest and Two Unresolved Issues Kenneth Feldman, State University of New York at Stony Brook
Differentiation and Diversity in Higher Education Studies Jeroen Huisman, University of Twente, The Netherlands
Reviewing and Rethinking Administrative Costs Gary Rhoades, University of Arizona
State Efforts to Keep Public Colleges Affordable in the Face of Fiscal Stress Michael Mumper, Ohio University
Discriminant Analysis in Higher Education Research Carl J. Huberty and Laureen L. Lowman, University of Georgia
Faculty Demography: Exploring the Effects of Seniority Distributions in Universities James C. Hearn, University of Georgia,and Melissa S. Anderson, University of Minnesota
Feminist Teaching in Higher Education Becky Ropers-Huilman, Louisiana State University
Women and Minorities in Higher Education Larry R. Leslie and Ronald Oaxaca, University of Arizona
Trends in Doctoral Education and Employment Alan E. Fechter and Catherine D. Gaddy, Commission on Professionals in Science and Technology

Author and Subject Indexes

1998: 414 pages, Paper: ISBN 0-87586-121-0, Cloth: ISBN 0-87586-122-9

Teaching, Learning, and Thinking About Teaching and Learning
W. J. McKeachie, University of Michigan
Costs and Productivity in Higher Education: Theory, Evidence and Policy Implications
Darrell R. Lewis and Halil Dunbar, University of Minnesota
Institutional Adaptation: Demands for Management Reform and University Administration
Patricia J. Gumport, Stanford University and Barbara Sporn, Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration
University Restructuring: The Role of Economic and Political Contexts
Patricia J. Gumport and Brian Pusser, Stanford University
Understanding Strategy: An Assessment of Theory and Practice
Jennifer B. Presley, WestEd and David W. Leslie, College of William and Mary
New Colleges for a New Century: Organizational Change and Development in Community Colleges
Richard L. Alfred and Patricia Carter, University of Michigan
Rasch Measurement in Higher Education
Rita K. Bode, Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Benjamin Wright, University of Chicago
Greek-letter Social Organizations in Higher Education: A Review of Research
David H.Wilder and Hugh F. McKeegan, Bucknell University
Cultural Capital as an Interpretive Framework for Faculty Life
Jeffery P. Bieber, University of Kentucky
Cruel Environments: Sexual Abuse and Harassment in the Academy
Linda Serra Hagedorn, University of Southern California
The Global Emergence of a Field: Content, Form, and Promise in Women’s Studies
Nelly P. Stromquist, University of Southern California

Author and Subject Indexes 1999: 510 pages, Paper: ISBN 0-87586-125-3; Cloth: ISBN 0-87586-126-1

Developing a Career in the Study of Higher Education
Burton R. Clark, University of California, Los Angeles
Economic Perspectives on Rising College Tuition: A Theoretical and Empirical Exploration
Michael B. Paulsen, University of New Orleans
The Governance of Higher Education
Edward R. Hines, Illinois State University
Approaches to Studying and Levels of Understanding: The Influences of Teaching and Assessment
Noel Entwistle, University of Edinburgh
Analytic Framework of Institutional Support for Student Assessment
Marvin W. Peterson and Marne K. Einarson, University of Michigan
Organizational Behavior in Higher Education and Student Outcomes
Joseph B. Berger, University of Massachusetts Amherst, and Jeffrey E. Milem, University of Maryland
Value Congruence and Organizational Climates for Undergraduate Persistence
Marguerite Bonous-Hammarth, University of California, Los Angeles
Field of Dreams: Organization Field Approaches to Understanding the Transformation of College Access, 1965-1995
Patricia M. McDonough, University of California, Los Angeles, Marc J. Ventresca, Northwestern University, and Charles Outcalt, University of California, Los Angeles
Contesting Values in American Higher Education: The Playing Field of Intercollegiate Athletics
J. Douglas Toma, University of Missouri-Kansas City, and Michael E. Cross, Princeton University
Strategic Planning in a Transitory Higher Education Environment: Building on Historical Foundations and Industrial Parallels
Anoush M. Pisani, University of Southern Mississippi, and Joseph W. Filkins, DePaul University
Globalization Impacts on the Third World University Gustavo Fischman, Arizona State University, and Nelly P. Stromquist, University of Southern California

Author and Subject Indexes

2000: 568 pages
Paper: ISBN 0-87586-127-x
Cloth: ISBN 0-87586-128-8

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